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JDM Spec Subaru CLEAR LED Rear Reflector (Pair)

ID : BCSI15-CS9735RS-1C
Brand : Charge Speed
Condition :  New
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JDM Spec Subaru CLEAR LED Rear Reflector (Pair)

JDM Part #: RS-1R-025304c

-WRX VA A-D with Charge Speed Rear Bumper

Comes with bracket & wiring for easy install.
(Drilling holes for wire to install maybe require)

Day/ Night time:
It is LED rear indicator lamp to achieve high visibility.
High brightness LED has a high bright lights when the brake signal operating, will appeal the visibility.

Also, can be use for daytime rear Fog light if extra switch install (not included)

Strongly appeal the presence in the following vehicles with LED light at the time of bad weather!

Necessary Brackets included when required.
Hardware not included unless stated.
Professional Install required!

Please Note. We will not accept any returns of any product that has been altered or modify in any way.
No Exceptions!
Not street legal in many States as it has the flashing feature. Please check with your local enforcement first before you purchase this item. This item also can be use not to flash.

· With one month warranty from date of item received, you can use with confidence.
· Please do not install, handling other than described in the instruction manual attached to the product.
· Do not disassemble or modify our product products.
· Please be sure to install the installation work by a certified vehicle electrician.
· In the unlikely event of product defects, it will be the warranty of only the product (repair / substitute correspondence), if it is attached to the cost incurred at the time of desorption, the substitution cost, the loss caused by not being able to use the car etc.
We can not assume the responsibility.

Please note that in the following cases it will be out of warranty.
· When there is no warranty certificate presentation
· If you do not have the date of purchase in the warranty card, the dealer's seal, if there is no date, we will check the purchase date with the receipt.
· Failure, breakage etc. caused by customer's inappropriate handling such as dropping or impact by customer.
· Failure, damage, etc. due to fire, natural disasters, abnormal voltage, etc.
· This product fails due to equipment other than the manufacturer's genuine equipment connected to this product.
· In cases other than our company, repaired, adjusted, remodeled.
· Usage other than described in the instruction manual and breakdown caused by handling that violates attention.
· Although the inner surface of the lens may be clogged temporarily, condensation may occur on the inner surface of the lens due to the temperature difference between the inside of the lamp and the outside air .
This is the same phenomenon as the window glass fogs in rainy weather, etc. It is not a functional problem.

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